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Available May 2023
from the 
Marine Corps University Press

Expanded Contents

  • Chapter 1, The Euphrates-Tigris Basin and Its History

  • Chapter 2, Geopolitics in the Euphrates-Tigris Basin 

  • Chapter 3, External Agency in the Basin (new chapter)

  • Chapter 4, Geography, the Kurds, and Water (expanded chapter)

  • Chapter 5, Water Deficit and the Impact of Climate Change

  • Chapter 6, Hydropolitics and the Law 

  • Chapter 7, Data, Science and Diplomacy: Bridging Technology and Policy

  • Chapter 8, Security Planning and the Evolving Crisis (changes the focus to “how security planners might approach the problem” and changes “framework & recommendations” to “courses of action.” Uses MCPP vocabulary to explain security planning in the basin.

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